How to create an earning blog in Nepal ? 10 Best Free Tips

if you want to know how to create an earning blog in Nepal then in this post you will get a full guide about creating an earning blog in Nepal.

How to Create an Earning Blog in Nepal?

The best and easiest method to earn from a Blog is Google Adsense and it's approved for one blog or youtube channel. In such situations, if you've got a content writing idea and you would like to succeed in the people of the entire world through your blog. Then, This question will certainly be in your mind that How to Create an Earning Blog in Nepal, which earns money? So here is a simple and quick guide for you, from which you'll create a knowledgeable earning blog in 10-15 minutes

By the way, a free blog also can be created with free subdomains like ( or and for this, I even have told already about the simplest free blogging platform list for Nepal. But this is often fine just for a private blog, if you've got both blogs, revenue, reputation then you've got to form a professional-looking blog for it and the way to form such a blog in 2020? the tactic of monetizing from the CPC network is here.

Many People Search in Google How to create an earning blog in Nepal and they also get the answer and make a blog according to google answers. But still, their blog isn't a hit, and neither it's ready to make revenue.

So we'll first know that within the time of this competition 2020, the way to create an earning blog in Nepal on many popular blogging topics like excellent news, tech, entertainment, fitness, health, cooking?

If you would like to understand what's the Scope of Blogging in 2020 and is blogging still worthwhile. Then you'll watch this video. Create an Earning Blog in Nepal

Creating an Earning Blog, choose which topic is acceptable before?

The idea or motivation to make a blog involves most of the people by watching the other's earning blog, monthly earning report on the web. In such a situation, on any topic where they see one another blogging, they think that they will be popular during this and there's money on this subject.

But maybe you do not know 90% of such bloggers fail who make a blog just by watching others. that's why if you would like to make a blog in 2020 which will generate organic traffic, can generate revenue for you.

To choose such a best blogging topic, you have to take the help of these tips.

  • Every person likes to do something, like watching movies, taking note of / writing songs, cooking or eating, walking, playing games, computers, doing business, jobs, reading books, playing, or anything. Whatever you wishyou select that topic for your blog. Example - If you wish to play games, then you ought to choose the topic Gaming for your blog.
  • The biggest advantage of selecting the subject of your choice is that blogging isn't a task for you, and interest is going to be there and you'll not need to bother to research the subject to write down a post.

The most trending topic list for today's blogging is here - if you're curious about any of it, then you want to write its name within the comment.

Top Trending Topics For New Blog 2020 to Create an Earning Blog in Nepal
Fashion Blogs
Food Blogs
Beauty & Fitness
Travel Blogs
Music Blogs
Computers & Electronics
Lifestyle Blogs
Fitness Blogs
DIY Blogs
Sports Blog
Finance Blogs
Political Blogs
News Blogs

Choose the correct Domain & Blog Name

After Topic, we have a second problem that what should we choose our new blog name or a domain name?

If you do not know what is domain name meaning? So click to urge information.

We use many sorts of blog name generator tools for this, people take suggestions about it. on the other hand, you are doing not skills to settle on the proper one, in such a situation, you'll choose the proper name of your blog to assist the following pointers.

  • Always keep the name or blog name short, simple in order that it is often done by just one occasion.
  • Try to keep the blog main keyword within the domain URL.
  • If you're targeting an audience of a selected area, language, then you want to mention it.
  • Do not use any quite special character within the domain URL.

If you've got decided on the blog topic and name, then you're able to make a blog, and let's examine.

How to create an earning blog in Nepal?

In this video, you've got been told all the required steps to Create an Earning Blog in Nepal. After watching this video, you'll not search the "How to Create an Earning Blog in Nepal" question again, I claim. Because even for this video beginner, Blogging is explained in a very easy way.

[STEP 1] How to buy a domain and where?

Personal website are often created with free subdomain, but to make a blog which is predicated on WordPress CMS, then it requires a custom name like,,, etc. And for this, you've got to shop for the domain and realize the way to pip out from where else.

I have already added a post for Free .np Domain Registration Visit there First

Purchase from Domain Name Provider (eg Himalaya Host Or Prabhu Host)

To create a blog on WordPress, both hosting and domain are required and sometimes we buy a domain from another place and hosting from someplace. In such a situation, if you've got also thought that you simply want to shop for the domain from a special name provider like Prabhuhost, then you'll buy this manner.

Full Steps to buy Domain And Hosting and Create an Earning Blog in Nepal is Given Below in the video

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What after Create an Earning Blog in Nepal?

Friends, Hopefully, you want to have understood to Create an Earning Blog in Nepal ? and the way to set up a new blog? I even have told you about the most possible information about it. the following pointers are going to be helpful for you if you create any topic on the blog. Do share if you apply well.